Friday, February 5, 2016

i got bored ...

i saw [this] on pinterest (a highly addictive site)
there are several similar available for sale on etsy (another addictive site) for $45+/-
i saw one also this afternoon at a small consignment shop, called [uncommon goods] for $25 painted in turquoise ~ a color i love ~ but could not justify spending the money on it (it is an addictive shop also ~ while i couldn't justify the money for the chicken wire note board, i will go back tomorrow for a beautiful sweater i saw for $3!) (but i ramble!)
 a quick trip to the hardware store this afternoon, i purchased an open roll of chicken wire for $4, a jar of metallic gold paint for $4, red craft paint $3 and a thin brush for $1.50.  the picture frame i had from one whose glass broke.  so for less than $15, i made my own, with enough supplies to make more if i choose!
 i dry brushed the frame with the mixed gold and red.
 getting the wire set, however, was a bit of a trick.  i had to cut it to fit, and then tack in the ends.  not really how i wanted to do it, but it works for now
 i could not find any ribbon about, and wanted it to look a bit more bohemian, so cut a strip of fabric from a shirt that did not fit and improvised a bow
 and filled with most of my earrings ... i've realized that some are missing and so the hunt for them begins ...

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