Tuesday, February 23, 2016

hearing things ...

it has been a while since it happened, and i should have recognized it
but i guess watching scary movies all day changes one's perception of events

it is sort of like premonition
i hear someone i love come home from work ...
... about 15 minutes before they actually do
complete with the sounds of doors opening and closing
footsteps, and all the normal noises one makes when they arrive home

tonight, however, both Trooper and Aragorn heard it too

David was working with a friend this afternoon
and twice i heard him come home

both times, the three of us (me & the kids)
stopped what we were doing and looked at the door

and no one came in

after the second time i called him and got no answer, so i left a message asking if he was outside

after a few more minutes, i ventured out to the front entry to see if his truck was there ...
... just as he was pulling into the drive.

no, he hadn't come home before he came home

still weirded me out, even knowing what it was


  1. Yup. It would weird me out too. Particularly when the kids heard it too.

    1. indeed! i can write some things off as an overly active writer's imagination, however, when the dog and cat hear it too ... yeah, no more horror movies for us for a while...


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