Thursday, February 4, 2016

focus ... in 5


i'm focused on writing when out of the corner of my eye i see something move.
how much do i miss when i'm not looking?
i'm focused on reading when i hear the rain hitting the roof.
how much do i miss when i'm not listening?
i'm focused on watching when i eat dinner in front of the computer.
how much do i miss when i'm not tasting?

how much do i miss when i'm not focused on my senses?
do i really see what is before me?  do i see what i want, or what He wants me to see?
am i listening to Him, or listening to what i want to hear?
when i'm reading His word, am i focused on what it is saying to me, or am i just focused on what i want to be told?

my senses are a gift, that some do not have.  do i take them for granted?  when i can no longer see, will i want to hear?  when i can no longer hear, will i want to smell ... or taste?  will my touch betray my senses?

if i stop and just for one day each week focus on one sense ... will i see better?  will i listen better?  will my touch be softer?  what am i missing when i rush through my day, focused only on myself, and not on Him.  when i'm focused on what is important to me, how much do i miss of what is important to someone else?  how much difference could a hug make in someone's life when i slow down and focus on what is around me?  how much difference could a moment in time make when i stop to listen?  when i stop to look?  how much different would a meal taste if i focused on the enjoyment of it, the individual flavors, rather than just eating as quickly as possible to get back to what i'm focused on?

how much different would our lives be if we changed our focus?



  1. This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stopping by from FMF - where I'm perched in the #8 spot. Beautiful sentiment! Love it.



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