Thursday, February 18, 2016

architecture ...

i've come to the conclusion that i'm more like my father than i thought i was
at least more like the creative macgyver side of him
(next to bookstores, my favorite shops are hardware stores)
old buildings give me goose bumps

this is the courthouse here in town
as seen from the side
 below is a picture (looking up and realizing that i came out a different door than i went in, and now need to figure out where i parked my car) of the tower seen in the right side of the above picture
carved sandstone.  hand.carved.sandstone.  with amazing (amazing!) detail

 there is marble throughout and i was told it was original to the building when it was built in 1888.
the stairs are original to the building, as are the rails and beautiful posts

 the windows (above) are over the bench and marble below.  i'm not sure if the windows in the ceiling are actually windows and just covered with snow or not.  i guess i'll have to wait until summer to find out.

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  1. I often wonder when I look at the majesty, the beauty, the craftsmanship in old buildings how many of the modern monstrosities could survive for a fraction of the time they have. And hope not many.


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