Saturday, January 9, 2016

wild rice ...

i grew up in an urban world
never thinking about 'where' food comes from
it was forever before i put the whole cow equation together
with beef, cheese and milk

rice was another thing i never questioned
and even after i saw pictures of rice paddies
how it was harvested was still a mystery

earlier this week i had a conversation with someone about harvesting wild rice
it is one of those things that receive federal grants to provide for the production of it
he said that the process of harvesting it was very relaxing
i'd love to try it one day
[here] is a link with fascinating information as well

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  1. We LOVE wild rice, hubby makes a fabulous wild rice pilaf with mushrooms, shallots, and peas. Also love Paul Harvey's wild rice soup with potatoes and cheese (Velveeta - ain't healthy but oh so good). Been getting ours from Minnesota, but maybe there is a Michigan source. Hungry now!


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