Monday, January 18, 2016

war room...

we watched "[War Room]" recently.  another excellent movie from [Alex Kendrick] the director that also put out "Courageous," and "Fireproof" and two other Christian based movies.

while the movie centers on a marriage and family in trouble, i put together my own war room because once again we feel forced to leave a church for what studies show is the [#1 reason churches fail].

my war room isn't to prepare battle strategies to save my marriage (been there done that) but because more and more i feel that the church (four walls, a roof, and a congregation of apathy) is not what Jesus intended it to be.  more and more i (we) feel called to find a home church.  a gathering of two or more who believe in The Word.  who believe in what they are called to do ... which is not to spread discontent, rumors and distrust ... but instead to spread love, faith, hope, and forgiveness.

it hurts me to leave the people that we have come to like and call our friends.  it hurts to feel betrayed by some of them, and to feel the distrust that comes with that betrayal.  to feel like pawns in someone else's agenda.

but that is the amazing thing about forgiveness ... it isn't about them.

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