Monday, January 4, 2016

they say....

.. that if you want to be something, you should surround yourself with those kind of people and learn from them. find a mentor who will guide you.
if you want to be a good teacher, watch someone who is.
if you want to be a good business owner, model your business on a successful one.
if you want to be a good person, surround yourself with people who do good.
studies show that successful people surround themselves with successful people.
mentors, leaders, and positive examples to follow.
who we are isn't just "what you eat" ~ it has become a world of "you are who you surround yourself with."

if you want to have long, happy marriage, talk to couples that have faced storms together and come out on the other side.  find out what held them together.
in AA newbies are encouraged to get a sponsor with a few years under their belt.  the reason is so the sponsor can encourage and lead by example.

...grant me the courage to change the things i can...

but on the flip side of that (because statistics always have to have that 'deviant' to make it all look pretty) if you want to fail at a job, hang out with the slackers.
if you want to be a drunk, hang out at the bars with the drunks.
If you want to destroy your marriage, find people to be with who don't honor their vows or respect their spouses.

the people we associate with not only define how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen, but they also (like it or not) define how others see us.

how do you see yourself?
how do you want others to see you?

take a look around and see who is surrounding you, especially if you aren't where you want to be.

get the courage to change!

this month i'm taking part in a "thoughts become things" and loving it!

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  1. "Surrounding" can be long distance, too. Thank you for all your inspiration!


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