Sunday, January 17, 2016


watching snow fall can be mesmerizing.  it seems to almost be alive.
flakes don't always fall straight down when it is a light snow
they dance around in all directions
it is very relaxing 
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cardinals are not common here.  i saw more of them in Florida.
i miss seeing them.
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  1. C -you are so right. Cardinals against a snowy background is so beautiful. And you know how I love that gorgeous stillness -peacefulness - after a snowfall. I am fortunate that we have the cardinals (redbirds, they say here) but miss the snow. Really! :-)

    Looks like Trooper is enjoying himself! Hope the move is going ok, and you find peace. Happy January! Wierd, I know, but I think poor January has gotten a bump rap. I find this month one of new starts. I don't wait for no stinkin' spring for cleaning, I'm doing it now! Why not? Gotta cleanup after Christmas anyway! Besides, something about white in January (snow, white sales) makes me feel refreshed.

    Long winded, sorry! Have a great week!

  2. Love the snow. And the cardinals. Of course.


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