Friday, January 29, 2016

quiet ... in five


when it rains, you can hear it.
in Florida i loved to sit on my deck and listen to it hit the aluminum roof.
at times while i was walking Trooper, i sometimes heard it coming across the bay, or across the field,  sounding like a giant shushing the world.
i could sleep to the sound of rain, so much so that i bought a white noise machine that mimics the sound.

when it snows, there is silence.
the world is muffled and quiet, as if it listened to the giant.
if you don't look out the window and see it, you can wake to a completely changed world, blanketed in white.
the chickadees sitting on the bare lilac bush branches are silent, as if waiting for the world to wake from its deep sleep.
down the street i see two does pause under the light and watch me watching them before they decide i'm not a threat and slowly walk back into the woods,
into the quiet white.



  1. The quiet of the snow is one of my favorite times of all. I can almost feel the world waiting to burst forth from its blanket of white!

  2. How very beautiful. There is not enough quiet in the world. Not nearly enough.

  3. You go-to peaceful place in my head. You described it perfectly.

  4. Hey. Stopping by from FMF linkup. I love the sound of rain as well. The first apartment that my hubby and I lived in had a metal-roofed carport outside, and I loved to listen to the rain hitting it. This post brings back sweet memories. Be blessed this week.

    ~#117 at linkup


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