Friday, January 22, 2016

present ... in 5

it's been a while since i joined in the five minute friday fun, and i need to get my writing mojo back so... here goes ...


i'm present in the Word tonight

not literally, of course, it would be arrogant of me to think that i am anywhere near in perfection as I AM is, and even more self-centered to think that i should even dare to compare myself to HIM

my heart and soul have been aching lately
i'm frustrated, confused, and unsure of myself

i haven't felt present in my life
doors have become sliding doors
windows narrow and cloudy

i seek clarity, comfort, confidence
i seek His presence in my heart and soul
and i know i can find it by being present in His Word.



  1. What a great place to be..the Word! I recently heard someone say to read the word in a way as to let it read you & cut away the weight of your case the weight of frustration, confusion and being unsure. Prayers for God's guidance & truth. Blessings from Painting August dot Wordpress.

  2. May the Holy Spirit be with you as you settle in to the Word. You have your focus on the right place, and your presence will enrich you.


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