Wednesday, January 13, 2016

not for sissies ...

i went to Alaska for Christmas '09 to see my cousin, Sue.  she was driving one day and was just flyin' on snow covered roads and i asked how she could drive so fast like that and said i would just be too scared. 
i thought "wow! my cuz is like a rockin' race driver!" 
and i was so in awe of her and thought of what she told me when we hiked to Grewingk Glacier in May '08.  
she said "Alaska ain't for sissies."

last night on the drive home from work, the sun was shining, it was -3° with a windchill of -20°, the roads were a little snowy but you could still see some blacktop ... i got stuck behind some white knuckled yahoo driving a rental car going 35 mph, and I blew past him going 55 mph, and thought to myself ...
"wow! I'm just like my cuz! the Upper Peninsula ain't for sissies!"

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