Thursday, January 21, 2016

it dawned on me ...

since we moved, my 48 mile drive in the morning has been in the dark.  while i was still working with the forest service, it was a 64 mile drive.

most of the time it has been a solitary drive, i might pass two or three cars going the opposite way.  i use the time to talk with God, think about the day ahead, and practice my karaoke singing (my secret weapon to instantly make any assailants deaf)

this morning, however, was much busier ... i passed, or was passed by, almost as many cars as i saw all of last month on my morning drives.  they seemed to be angry drivers ~ refusing to dim their bright lights until just before they passed me, and one driver behind me never did dim his as he drove uncomfortably close to the rear of my car, nearly blinding me with his headlights, until i slowed to a speed 5mph under the speed limit and he angrily passed me. 

at -19F, it took a while for the heat to get warm enough to be felt on my legs.  this winter it seems that my toes have been constantly cold, even to the point of climbing into bed with socks on.

but for the first time since November, i saw the sky begin to lighten on the drive to work, giving me a hint of the coming dawn ... and spring.

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