Sunday, January 3, 2016

gathering ideas...

with the holidays over, there are many decorations and ornaments that are on clearance
some are not, however, because they are unique and handmade, and so i've been stealthily sneaking taking pictures to contemplate them as projects to make later in the year
 i love the simple design of these birds (swallows?) on a line, painted on a diagonal slice of birch.
if i were to make one, i might use some glow in the dark glitter paint for the stars.
 this is a simple 4x6 picture frame, just using the glass and frame.  it is etched in the design of a gingerbread house, with a little bit of glitter glue added in the snow.  i love the concept, but think that the size is too big for a tree, and might make something similar with a smaller frame.
the larger one would be pretty in a window, although i might paint the etching with some glass paint to make it more like stained glass.
these are made of clay, with designs imprinted on them and then embellished with clay leaves and roses.  these would be simple to make using a cookie cutter and then finding a floral stamp to make an imprint in the clay before it was dried (or fired ~ another reason to find a small kiln!)
this is a simple design painted on glass and edged with lead.  it makes me think of the layered glass paintings that one of my aunts did. i wonder if i could make small two layered glass paintings to add depth to the ornament, or even paint both sides of the glass to add depth to one layer.


  1. Lots of creative ideas to take and make your very own...

  2. The glass etching is beautiful. I like that idea a lot. Wonder if it is hard to learn...


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