Thursday, December 10, 2015

whirlwind ...

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... figuratively speaking, this week has been like a whirlwind.  we're still in the process of moving, so both houses look like they've been hit by tornadoes as we are partially packed there, partially unpacked here, and i can't find anything anywhere!

my commute to work is longer, but a straight shot.  right now it is too dark in the mornings and evenings to see much, but i know that in the spring and fall it will be beautiful.

i'm excited about the house and getting to decorate it.  as an old house, it has some beautiful bones and unique features.  one of the prior families that lived here years ago used to keep their farm animals (i imagine just chickens and maybe pigs or goats ... i hope anyway) in the basement during the winter months.  fortunately there is no lingering odor.

as things get a little more organized, i'll share bits and pieces of the stories i find in the walls...

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  1. I believe keeping the farm animals in the lower part of the house was common. And added to the warmth.
    Take your time. And I love that it sounds as if you have found a home.


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