Tuesday, December 29, 2015


this has been an amazing week
and it's ONLY tuesday!!!!

where to begin...

saw some friends last night while trying (still!) to get the last of the little stuff out of the "other" house. 
 got hugs. gave hugs. everyone can use more hugs!

David got his truck fixed 
(that was a HUGE God thing as we were gifted an alternator by friends from church)

i am loving working with the other grant writer who was hired with me
she is AWESOME!
we are both going to learn so much, and laugh so much!
we are close in age and have similar likes
we are both Pintrest-aholics
we both are fascinated with old buildings and antiques
i'm so excited!!

then this afternoon i stopped to put in an address change at the post office
and there was a good friend of mine who has been on my mind constantly the last few months
i haven't seen her since shortly after her husband unexpectedly passed away
i was so happy to see her my feet did a happy dance and i almost cried
lunch plans in the future!!!!

and then there was this car ...
driving in front of me most of the way home, 
and for some reason it made me think of this character
Tommy Pickle from Rugrats

so i smiled all the way home

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  1. Serendipity is one of my favourite words. And experiences.
    Even the word rolls off the tongue like a happy dance.


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