Saturday, December 19, 2015

love is a magnet ...

"love is a magnet" has a lot of meaning other than expressing affection for magnets
i do love magnets, however, and collect ones that have funny or poignant sayings on them,
as well as acting as frames for family photos or keepsakes
in the photo below, 
 on the left, is a page from a Daily Word booklet that my grandmother sent me.  it is dated August 3, 2000.  she passed just a few months later, the last of my grandparents, and i've treasured that page.  at the top in her handwriting is a reminder of a haircut appointment at 10a that is almost faded away now.  but it is the message that i like to read... "I lift my heart in prayer for my loved ones. God, I lift my heart to You in prayer for my loved ones.  Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, I know that Your presence of life and love is within them and surrounds them.  As I pray, I feel at peace about my loved ones.  I am a positive influence for them when we are together, and my heartfelt prayers offer them positive support when we are apart.  If we could see the movement of prayer, I'm sure we would behold the power and beauty of our loving thoughts and words moving from heart to heart.  Prayer is a way I unite with my loved ones at any time - no matter how far apart we may be.  My prayers are messages of love and life that bless the ones for whom I pray and bless me, too, as I pray."
 the larger five plants were sent to me by my mom for my birthday in 2013.  they were all in the one bowl, third from the left.  they've grown and traveled with me ever since, reminding me of her love.
 when i pray in the mornings, i pray a prayer of blessings and healings over all our friends and family ... past, present, and future.  i think that is the one magnet of love that is present most in my life.  knowing i have forgiven those in my past who have hurt me, and knowing that there will always be people in my life, no matter how big or small their presence and connection to me, that I will pray for.
 love is a magnet to all good things in our lives.  when we live in love, give in love, forgive with love ... it is a magnet that draws more love to us.
feelin' the love...

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