Wednesday, December 9, 2015

hide and seek ...

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye this afternoon.   Over there.  By the boats.  A little white thing zipping around the trees, back and forth to the building, boats and trees.
Picture Source: Pinterest
Of course when I went to find someone to help me identify it, it was nowhere to be seen.

Say hello to an ermine, also known as a stout, or a weasel, in its winter coat.
Picture Source: Bing
A similar thing happened when I had my very first car and lived home with Dad.  The car would make a noise, or do something weird, and when I had my Dad check it out for me (since he was a mechanic after all, and rebuilt an Austin Healy that was just a really sweet ride); Dad would always tell me it was the loose screw behind the wheel.  Sometimes it was the nut behind the wheel.

I was pretty slow back then.

It was a few times before I realized he was talking about me.

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