Friday, December 18, 2015

faith in five on friday

since 2012 i've stepped out in faith a lot more than most people would ever have the nerve to do.  a lot more than i'd ever had the nerve to do before.

i think that is what faith is.  taking a leap and knowing that whether you fall or fly, you will be okay.

last friday i took a step off the edge and gave notice at my job, without knowing what would be next.  there were a lot of reasons behind it ... some involving the distance of my commute now that we've moved to another rental house ... but most of the reasons were because of where i hope to see my life in another five years.

today, i interviewed for a job, and before i even got home, i had a call offering me the position.

faith is empowering ... amazing and incredible.  with it, you can do anything.

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