Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day ...

in all my ignorant bliss
august 2014
technically, today was my last day with the Forest Service.  yesterday was the last day that i worked... a half day holiday, and holiday today.  monday i start a new job, writing grants.  i'm extremely excited, and really grateful to be a part of the new team for the tribal council.

this weekend we will hopefully get the last of the stuff from our old rental.  i have no idea how i came here with almost nothing, and now have more than i know what to do with!

we moved from Ewen to Bessemer to get closer to the church we've been going to, and to get closer to civilization ... better job opportunities for both of us.  we have made some amazing new friends, who have blessed us so much in so many ways.

2016 holds so many open doors for us ... life is good and our adventure begins again.


  1. Awesome! Best wishes for a most prosperous New Year!

    (P.S. hope your mail is forwarded :-) )


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