Saturday, November 14, 2015

with a little help from friends ...

friday evening we went to our friends, Roger and Mary's house to help move and stack some wood for their furnace
ok.  david did all that.
 he had a little help from Sasha, now 7 months old, [remember her from here?], 
who kept trying to trip him up by walking between his legs so she had to come inside with Mary and me
the beautiful cedar waxwings on their flowering crab apple tree

 i helped Mary make two blackberry pies (a first for both of us) for the Trinity Lutheran Church's Hunter's Dinner on Sunday.  she has a little difficulty with her hands, so i rolled out the dough for the pies
 since neither of us had made pies before, i decided to fancy it up by making a lattice for one, and leaves for the other.  i told her if they came out ugly, she could blame me, and if they looked awesome she could take all the credit.

 i thought this was an antique Finnish baby rattle ... but it is an antique Finnish spindle 
this is the opposite end, which has an eye in it for the thread or yarn, and is carved to look like a hand.  simply beautiful!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pies! Good on both of you!


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