Tuesday, November 24, 2015

what i've learned...

a little over a year ago (in all my new to the UP innocence and ignorance) i thought i could do a write 31 series in October on what it was like to be a Yooper.

(Bwahahahahaha!!!!  that was even before it snowed!!!!)

so now 13 months later, a little wiser, a little more "seasoned," here is what i've really learned.
  • if you weren't born in the UP, you will never be a Yooper. at most you might be a Yoowannabe, but no matter how long you live here, the Yooper title strictly belongs to those who can tell you to smell their belly button in Finnish. (which is an offensive thing to say to a Yooper, but not a Yoowannabe)
  • i've been mispronouncing the word for a small steam room my whole life.  sauna is apparently pronounced sow-nah (sow, as in a female pig).  i've always said saw-na, and the first time i said it that way everyone looked at me like i was from south of the mason-dixon line.   (which i was when i got here actually, so no offense taken).
  • creek is another word i never knew how to say correctly.  it should sound like crick. (like a crick in the neck, which is what i got trying to find trout crick on the map where i rented when I first got here)
  • the proper way to complete a question is with, eh?  as in "it's gonna snow today, eh?  (and the correct response is " smell my belly button.")
  • there are definitely four beautiful seasons here. winter, spring, winter and winter. i've been told it once snowed on mother's day here.
  • a pasty (past-ee) is meat, potato, and rutabaga pie.  everyone has their own family recipe, and they are a staple meal for most Yoopers. at least once a month somewhere there is a kitchen full of Lutheran ladies, or the VFW's Women's Auxiliary making 400 of them for a fundraiser.
  • speed limits are for sissies. especially in snow storms and on dark roads. especially when the deer are moving or it is raining.
  • i am a sissy.

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