Monday, November 9, 2015

there must be a better word ...

... last week someone asked if we were going hunting ~ it is still bow season here, but soon to be deer season.  i told him that we weren't, but that David was fishing that afternoon so we talked steelhead trout and the best rivers to fish for a few minutes before i confessed that i was more of a 'road kill' kind of hunter.
not that i went out of my way to hit anything (i think it would crush me to actually hit something ~ literally and figuratively) ... but early this year when it was still something or other below zero and two feet of snow on the ground, we took advantage of a 'fresh kill' deer to add to our freezer, (a much nicer way to say it, i think ~ roadkill just brings to mind flattened possums, squirrels, and skunks).  i proved to be more redneck than David expected with that one (gruesome details not necessary to share), and again tonight when he brought home a fresh kill wild turkey hen.
i was going to pluck it when i got home tonight, but realized that my wrist would not be able to handle it and so he is going to do it tomorrow.  we shall be having wild turkey for Thanksgiving, which is something i'm looking forward to.  i've never been a fan of turkey ~ the white breast meat is usually so dry ~ but i've been told that wild turkey is all dark meat, and that it is either a love it or hate it taste.  i'm planning on loving it.  i'm also planning on pinning a lot of wild turkey recipes to try!

(but on to things i can actually share pictures of!)  i was busy last night putting a hole into a piece of Lake Superior shale for MHP's (Lake Superior driftwood) wand, and tonight macrame'd a grip (Gryffindor colors!) and attached some (white!) owl feathers to it.  still some things i want to add to it for the magic, but it is a start.

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