Sunday, November 22, 2015

sunday ...

the overnight snow proved to be a little more substantial, and we had about 5" of the stuff.  it was 5°F when we left the house for church this morning ... then 0° ... -1° ... and back up to a single digit by the time we arrived.  they didn't have any snow there at all, but it was darn cold.  when we came home several hours later, it was in the mid-20's.
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my pre-dawn pictures all looked fuzzy, so none to share, although i will say that i love watching the sky in the winter.

to the east, behind us as we were driving, the sky went from peach on the low horizon, to a baby blue, and in the west, ahead of us, it was a pink rose color, with a turquoise blue at the low horizon.  the brighter orange the sky got as the sun came up, the less turquoise there was on the distant west horizon.

the trees looked black against the white snow in the dim light, and as the sun continued to rise, they sparkled as if covered by glitter during the night.

no picture i could take would ever show just how amazingly beautiful it is, and i doubt i could ever recreate it in a watercolor painting or colored pencil drawing.

it has been a good day.  good people.  good fellowship.  good word.  good chat with my mom.  we walk in faith knowing that doors will be opening, and all is going according to His plan.

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