Sunday, November 8, 2015

sunday ...

i'm cleaning house (well, currently procrastinating if i must be honest, but the oven is on an auto clean, so i think that counts a little)
the wind is blowing about 15mph with gusts up to 20mph that howls through the doors and windows, scaring Trooper so whenever i stop cleaning or sit down, he leans up against me with all 75lbs of him.
i've had Christmas on my mind after finding out that the [artisan's gallery] to which i belong (and have sold some of my photographs in cards and postcards, as well as glass bead earrings i've made) want to feature me at their end of season [Christmas at the Crossing] event for a book signing event.  i wasn't aware that i could sell my books there, and never mentioned them to the other members, but recently was found out (not that i was really hiding them, but i'm not good at bragging or self-promotion.  did i mention i was always a wall weed growing up?)
anywhos... i've been browsing ideas for gifts because big spending isn't really in my budget, and i've reached that 'age' (if there is such an age) where i'd rather give something from the heart and something that is meaningful, rather than some commercialized material thing that is incredibly overpriced and poorly made (so much for all those marketing and advertising classes in college when i was a wannabe copywriter, i guess those ethics in management and corporate social responsibility classes i taught made more of an impact).
if i manage to finish it in time, MPH will get her own harry-potterish wand (which she already knows about so i'm not spoiling any huge surprises here ~ i'm horrible at keeping surprises a secret because i get so excited about them) with found items from her heart-home michigan.  i'll be sure to take pictures of it before i send it.
along those same lines of a heart-home, i've been thinking of my sisters.  kat was born in st. augustine, florida, but spend most of her growing years in scotland where her father was from.  heather was born in pennsylvania (i think) but shares the same father as kat.  i don't know if heather has ever been to scotland, but know that she travels to italy quite a bit (but i ramble ...)
i found these beautiful glass vials in a shop on [] and have been thinking that it is time to do something meaningful with my beach sand collections... and since i have some sand from a beach visited in scotland when kat lived there with mom and eric... think it would be a very heart felt and meaningful gift for both of them since their dad passed a few years ago.
 i also have some of the coquina beach 'sand' from st. augustine also, but am not sure if it will fit in the small opening of this vial, so might have to get a little bit larger vial.
my step-daughter also loves going to the beach, so she might like a necklace with some panama city beach sand in it as well.  for her birthday this year, (which is also her last year of high school) i found a beautiful [5-year journal] for her since i have a feeling that she is going to be someone who rocks the world and makes a big difference in it.  she will have lots of memories over the next few years of high school and college (oh, to be young again and have a universe of options ahead ... i'm excited for her because she is such a beautiful, intelligent, and amazing young woman!)
for next season at the gallery, they might also make some really cute pendants with some lake superior beach sand in them... or tiny (really tiny) pinecones and white glitter for snow.  i saw on etsy that someone had put dandelion seeds in some for earrings, which were just so cute ...
(ahhhhh, another day spent thinking creatively and procrastinating housework ... is there any better way to spend the weekend?  oh.  i suppose actually making some of these would be even better.)

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  1. Housework is evil. It should be avoided.
    Gifts from the heart are a different thing entirely. Thinking of them and planning them are the very first steps towards achieving them.
    Congratulations on the gallery feature.


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