Saturday, November 21, 2015

saturday ...

it has been snowing most of the day
 there was a rabbit taking shelter at the corner of the house ...
 ... until he saw me.  he ran towards David, and across the street
 i finished MHP's wand today ... well, almost
i still need to put a little "Lumos" in it
there are white owl feathers, turkey, blue jay and snow bunting feathers
one of the bottles holds some Lake Superior beach sand ... the other hummingbird feathers
i also redid the grip, putting the piece of shale at the end rather than the top
and one project done ... beach sand jars for my sis ... the one on the left is from Poolewe, Scotland where she spent most of her childhood, and the other from St. Augustine, Florida where she was born.


  1. Loving your projects...
    And the snow. And the bunny.

    1. wish i could send some your way! know you hate the heat.


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