Saturday, November 7, 2015

saturday ...

a few weeks ago, David sent me a text at work that said it was snowing at home
i told him to bite his tongue
after a few minutes, he replied back that it really wasn't snow after all, but some kind of bug

this morning he came in and woke me up to say it was snowing
i looked out the window and said it was just bugs again
but it wasn't, it was snow,
just a few little flakes here and there that didn't even last to hit ground

tonight walking Trooper i could hear the grass crunch beneath his feet and mine
neighbors had bonfires going in their backyards,
a lone light from their front door,
their steps reflecting the street light at the end of the road.
the cold air carried the smell of the wood smoke,
and our breath rose like fog,
my ears quickly reminded me that i wasn't wearing a hat

it is dark up here at night,
the stars seem so much brighter and the milky way so much closer
we thought we saw the northern lights at oh dark thirty this morning
the sky had a greenish glow that we could see shooting stars through
and the clouds were dark against it

David thought it was city lights, but i reminded him that the nearest city to the north that might possibly have street and shopping center lights was almost two hours away

there is so much beauty in this place
even in the darkness of night
silence tells of the coming winter,
i miss the sound of birds, and frogs at night
soon the snow will act like a blanket,
muffling the sounds of everything.


  1. As we rush toward the sweaty season I am holding your words as a talisman against my heart...

  2. That muffled sound, near complete silence, is my haven.

    Your words are poetry.


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