Sunday, November 29, 2015

petting zoo...

it was one of those days when everything just seemed to be frustrating.  the icy roads on our drive down to church were a bit nerve wracking, and i think that tension sort of found its way into the rest of the day.  looking for street addresses in an unfamiliar city, and realizing that we may not find what we are looking for.  by the time we headed home i was feeling quiet and withdrawn, with too many things on my mind.

fortunately, my husband knows how to cheer me up, and usually exactly what i need to put me in a better frame of mind.

we stopped at our friends’ house to see all their animals (40 would be an extremely conservative estimate) and kids.  i started with the intent of taking pictures of all the new ones, but after a few pictures of their turkeys (can’t get those freaky feet off my mind), a guinea hen, and one of a baby goat (kid) that doesn’t look like a baby anymore … i was befriended by their cat, Emma, and spent the rest of the time cuddling her which kept my hands (and mind) preoccupied.

they had three new baby piglets, and several new ‘kids.’  all of the teeny, tiny baby bunnies that we had seen earlier in the summer are now all grown.  in fact if i can picture all the cages in my mind, i think they might have had 20-30 rabbits alone!  trying to count all the ducks (many), chickens (a bunch), pigs (5 including piglets), goats (numerous), 2 cows, 2 dogs, turkeys, guinea hens … yeah, a zoo.

all of the kids (the 2-legged ones) have their animals that they are responsible for, whether they are as pets or as food for the family.  one of the older girls takes care of some of the ducks, and has one that loves to be held and cuddled.  he was really soft, with beautiful brown colors, and would nuzzle his head up against her neck.  another has chickens that are more like pets, that like to be held.

it was just what i needed.

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