Saturday, November 28, 2015


this winter is far different from last winter.  we had about 2-3 feet of snow this time last year.  we have had a few inches, warm enough days to melt it all, another few inches of snow, then freezing temps to turn what does melt on the roads from the sun into slick ice sheets that are no fun to drive or walk on.

it is still beautiful, and i'm sure the hunters (and deer) like it much better.  snowmobilers have not been active yet, as there hasn’t been enough snow to really groom the trails.

we've also had issues this year with allergies that we didn’t have last year, even Trooper has been coughing occasionally.  the drier, freezing temps have made my skin miserable, and i have to remember to lotion up otherwise i find myself scratching until i draw blood.  last year in early November i found a Bath & Body Works in Marquette and stocked up on their buy one get one sales for tubes of their thick shea butter lotions.  my skin just soaks it up this year, whereas last year i barely used them. 

it is interesting the different challenges we are facing this year from last, and i'm not sure which i would prefer.  it can be a little scary to be trying to drive up a hill and just hear the tires spinning and realize you are sliding backwards.  but on the other side of the coin, getting caught in the slushy stuff while going downhill, spinning uncontrollably into the side of a mountain, and having to dig the car out of four feet of snow isn’t much fun either.

i really must talk to Santa about getting a truck …

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