Thursday, October 15, 2015

what what?

no more fall pictures???

it rained this week and temperatures dropped a good 30 degrees in the space of two days
the winds were wild and crazy and what leaves hadn't turned did, and those that had dropped
apparently fall is now over
 the turkeys are happy about it 
(and so will the turkey hunters be in a few weeks)
we also saw this incredible eagle this week

i had foolishly planned on trying to do a series of color themed posts (and pictures) for the next few weeks that would be of fall colors, not realizing (or rather not remembering) that fall might only last a few weeks.  at least it was a colorful few weeks.
for the next month the options might just be brown ... with white frosting if we get the sleet and snow that is predicted for friday

it has really been a pretty crazy week for us, and it is only thursday morning
i had monday off for the holiday, which made for a tuemonday at the office, and busy busy busy
next week i will be in colorado for training, so you will get to see another part of the country that might still have some pretty fall colors

monday was also my nephew Jordan's birthday
this is his happy happy happy face when he found out he was getting a rabbit for his birthday
just makes me grin


  1. Who wouldn't smile to be receiving a bunny.
    Send some of your rain (and cooler temperatures) this way. Please.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jordan!!

    I think you especially can find the beauty in the brown palette left behind by the wind, cold, and rain.


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