Monday, October 19, 2015

timeless ...

going up stairs, i loved the light on the bottom bannister ~ original to the house ~ and totally unique.  i don't think i've ever seen a stair banister with a light built into it.  very innovative for the era.  family photos all along the wall.  their own hall of fame.

on the first landing, there was an original painting of George Washington.  throughout the house there was a wood rail about 3/4 of the way up the wall that was used to hang pictures in this way.  beautifully done.

the stair railings were all original wood.  hand carved ... machine tooled wood was not yet being done at the time the house was built.

all of the closets in the bedrooms had hooks.  clothing rods were added later.  in the era that the house was originally built, people didn't have (bought or made) as much clothing as we do now.  they may have only had a few items ... one Sunday dress or shirt and pants, then maybe two or three work outfits.  clothes were practical, and not necessarily fashionable.

one of the three upstairs bedrooms

the guest bedroom with an original sleigh bed (headboard and footboard).  also the side table, lamp, and dresser were original to the room.  i love the art nouveau lamp on the side table.

 the guest bedroom also had a sink in the room ~ original ~ there was always a guest in the house during the winter.  Gail later added a toilet in the very large closet that is off of the guest room and is considering adding a shower so that there will be a full bathroom upstairs as well as downstairs.  i suggested finding a lightweight replica of a clawfoot tub which would be keeping with the rest of the house decor and doing the same shower head rod and oval curtain rod as the downstairs tub has.

 this water basin and cabinet/mirror are originals to the house and were in her grandmother's bedroom (original iron bed frame seen in the mirror), as is the vanity below.  i love the detail on the wood, again, all hand made.

 this is a picture of her great grandfather when he was in California, taken as he stood at the base of a giant sequoia.  as a logger, i'm certain he was just in awe of the size of the tree.  these pictures of loggers are of her great grandfather and other loggers.  when the family originally came up here to begin logging, it was all done with horse drawn loads.

the Upper Peninsula when they first came was still recovering from the time when it had been clear cut as far as the eye could see.  there was nothing left but stumps and rocks for many, many years until the Ottawa became a national forest and under the restoration plan of the Forest Service.

 and finally to the basement.  this large white box holds a copper tub that was used to hold the water for the house from the artesian well, and that was where all the water pressure for the house came.  when the pressure dropped, it was time to fill the tub again.  this was how they got all of their water until 1999 when they finally were connected to the city water supply and sewer.  there was an original wood stove in the basement as well, eventually changed out to fuel oil and finally the current natural gas lines.

in the basement also was a room with a toilet, just for 'the boys.'  in a time where most houses still had outhouses, it was a big deal for them to have not just one inside toilet on the main floor, but one in the basement as well.

Gail still remembers when the washing machine was a wringer type of washer.  there is a large room that was the root cellar, and she remembers when her grandmother would get a whole side of beef and a large branch of bananas (not just the one or two bunches that we buy in groceries stores now) that she would hang off a steel rod crossing the room.  to keep the household running smoothly, especially with six children, she would have one day of doing laundry, one day of baking, one day of canning, and one day for cleaning.  what she canned during the summer was what they ate during the winter months, so each week during the growing season there was a day for canning and preserving.

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  1. What a glorious place.
    Not an easy life, but a productive and satisfying one...


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