Saturday, October 31, 2015

snow bunting ...

i've been seeing flocks of white birds lately that fly along the roads, making me hold my breath as they fly in front of the car playing their own version of russian roulette.  when i slow to get a better glimpse of them, they fly up to the trees as if they don't want me to be able to identify them.  i finally had to ask one of our wildlife biologists.

say hello to [snow buntings]
i never even heard of them before, but love their white beauty.  they winter here, are all season birds in alaska, and they breed in the arctic!  for small birds, i would think that they would be a little fluffier for insulation, but my DK Smithsonian Handbooks Birds of North America [more images here] says that they can survive temperatures down to -58 degrees!
image source: audubon
unfortunately, just after i had started writing this post we needed to go to the store and one of these sweet birds lost the game of roulette with the flock...

since they aren't easy to catch a picture of, this baby is now in the freezer so i can take it to work on monday for our wildlife biologist to see.
yeah, i'm a geek.

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