Saturday, October 24, 2015

old barns

so it is no secret that i have an obsession with old barns.
today as we were finally heading home (weather ~ rain and poor visibility ~ kept us in rhinelander, wi overnight) we saw this barn in eagle river, wi.  the barn itself was a large L shape, and with the added low building on it, almost an upside down t shape.
 i fell in love instantly and my mind started going a mile a minute with all the things that it could be (other than an old antiques store ~ which would be an awesome place to explore as it is!)
 i could see it becoming an incredible stage for gospel, bluegrass and country bands, with open mike nights for locals, and an art school for youth and adults (since so many schools have discontinued music and art) the top floor could be devoted to art ... painting, stained glass classes, jewelry making, pottery, glass art classes ... and the downstairs for music lessons ... piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo ... and voice.  once a month we could have a concert and art show/sale to support a local need ~ like the ambulance service, or sick members of the community
 it could be a totally awesome Run With the Pack Plaza!  can you imagine all the running space the dogs would have???? Trooper would be in heaven!  i could remodel it using the same business plan/floor plan that i had for my master's thesis and used for the first chapter of "Trooper's Run" only instead of restoring and remodeling a bankrupt and vacant grocery store building, i could use a barn this size!  a vet office in the low building to the right, one downstairs wing for local crafters to sell their dog related hand made items, with a coffee shop, bakery and book store/library upstairs.  the other wing could be the doggy daycare and obedience classes upstairs with the dog wash and grooming downstairs so the dogs left the building cleaner than they came in!
 it would also make a very unique restaurant and banquet hall for weddings, anniversaries, school and family reunions!  the kitchen could be built into the low building on the left, and there could be a restaurant downstairs, with the upper floor turned into a dance floor with a stage at the end for bands or a dj.

oh the mind does wander ... if i were to ever win the lottery, i would be sooooo busy!

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