Sunday, October 18, 2015

craftsmen ...

craftsman as in the style of the house, and for the men who crafted it.  almost all of the woodwork inside the house is still original.  the windows are all still the original wavy glass.  they don't make houses like this any more that stand the test of time, and the test of generations.  three bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom down.  one full bathroom (still with the original tub) downstairs, a toilet and sink upstairs in the guest bedroom, and a toilet downstairs in the basement "for the boys."  at one point in time, there were eight people living in the house ... with one tub.  up until 1999 they were on an artesian well and their toilets drained into the river.  (really! 1999!) (i apologize again for the quality of some of the pictures.)

this was the original refrigerator ... or ice box.  water from the artesian well was piped around the box to keep it cool ~ and trust me, the water up here is always cold right out of the pipes.

 these are original kitchen cabinets.  there was a wood and electric stove to the left out of the picture that were replaced by an electric stove and refrigerator.  a large sink was off to the right, which was replaced with a smaller sink and dishwasher.  that is about the extent of the "upgrades" to the kitchen.

 all of the ceiling light fixtures are the original lights, as are most of the table lamps you will see.  originally there was no electricity to the house as we would now think of it.  instead there was a humongous battery that was placed on a 3'x3' (?) concrete block in the basement that ran all of the "electrical" lights and stove.  until probably the 60's there were no electrical outlets in the house, they were all added later and run up through the basement floor.

a built-in china hutch in the dining room.

the window panes and frames are all still original and lift on original rope and pulley mechanisms.  they will need to be reframed or resealed so that they don't let the (nasty) cluster flies in the house, but they want to keep them as close to the originals as possible.  i suggested maybe adding amber colored stained glass to the upper three panes to keep with some of the Craftsman and Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie homes.

this is an original secretary's desk and chair that were once used by Gail's great-great-grandparents.  love love love the carved twisted legs on this desk
the mantel and fireplace in the living room are original, and the clock has been there in that same place for as long as Gail can remember.   on either side of the fireplace were built in seats.

 dividing the living room from the music room are these exquisite columns (love love love the mission style detail at the top!) and built-in book cases with the original leaded glass doors (how many times can i say love for these?)
the piano  that has been in the music room forever!  

another of the original ceiling light fixtures.

Gail is a teacher and works with an online AP school.  her desk here has a cat lamp that is beyond exquisite.  i love the shade color and how the copper (?) cat has gotten a patina to match.

more of the original furniture and lamp in the music room.  love the lamps both in the music room and the upstairs guest room.  

 the enclosed front porch is a three season room, cooled only by the summer breezes, and not heated in the winter.  Gail's g2-grandmother would put tables out there in the winter to keep foods cool (or frozen!).

the yellow wicker chair is an original to the house.  they are in the process of restoring the room and have pulled up the 70's carpet.  Gail said that she may recover the wicker chair.

finally, to wrap up the tour of the downstairs, a picture of the original bathtub, still being used.  it had a shower head on a pole with the curtain on an oval rod.

tomorrow... upstairs!


  1. Not only did buildings last better, I cannot imagine wanting most moderne buildings to survive.
    Mind you, the toilet no longer draining into the river is a plus.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I also love the look of craftsman architecture. The stained glass is gorgeous. I would have loved to live in a house like that. Thank you for sharing.


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