Monday, September 21, 2015

what do you think?

it was an amazing afternoon on the lake.  there were about a half dozen bald eagles soaring on the thermals and i was trying to get pictures of them but they were too far away.  and of course the times when one would fly out of the trees near us, i could never get my phone to wake up fast enough.  one of the coolest things was seeing a bald eagle soaring with a raven alongside of it, matching each flap of its wings.  it made me think of the two spirits (White Eagle and Little Raven Sister) in my book Eagle Visions, who did the same thing.
 the drawback was that because it was flying into the sun, i couldn't see anything and it was over exposed.
 when we got home and were looking at the pictures to see if i had gotten any pictures, i noticed the mysterious white orb 
 it moves along with the eagle, and is only in these three pictures (so i know it isn't a spot on the lens)
do you think i might have caught the spirit of White Eagle?

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