Friday, September 25, 2015


okay, i'm going to stretch your imagination here with this one
think of fawkes ... professor dumbledore's phoenix
i saw this early this morning, in the fog as i was driving to ironwood for work
i've probably passed this tree a few dozen times since i moved here but with the trees changing colors suddenly saw this one in a new light.  it has been trimmed so that it isn't growing into the power lines, and with the bright red leaves, it just seemed like a phoenix rising from the flames.
yeah... i have a pretty weird imagination
 this (above) is part of the [Presque Isle River].  the [Manabezho Falls] are farther north just before it flows into Lake Superior.  tomorrow morning we are going to try fishing on it ~ it is a no-motor river, so we will be paddling 
 panoramic photo of [Lake Gogebic] from the Ontonagon County Park
 tons of these little snail shells on the shore ~ and some of them were still inhabited.  YUCK!!!
 found feathers ... i love the little tip of white on the one above, and the brown splashes of color on the ones below.


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