Wednesday, September 23, 2015


eleven years ago, Robin Williams starred in a movie called The Final Cut
he played a "memory editor" of sorts ... people in a future time had sort of a camera implanted in their head that recorded every single thing they said and did.  when they died, Robin's character would edit the memories to show at memorial services and funerals.

ring-necked pheasant ~ image source
there are times when i wish i had one of those because it never fails that i see something really awesome that i want a picture of ... and no camera.
like the day we saw one of these
or the afternoon David saw a bear cub crossing the road
or the morning i was driving to work and a fawn (all spotted and leggy) was leisurely walking down the middle of the road

today was overcast and cool, so i'm glad i didn't have my camera.  i don't know if it got over 60 degrees.  it sort of made me feel like it was February, but i'm glad it wasn't.  the trees are quickly changing colors, and i'm hoping to catch one last shot of Tanlund Lake road with all the colors before they drop.
my 'commute' to work is about 30 minutes depending on whether or not the scenery distracts me.  and most of the time, my brain gets a song caught in it that i can't get out until i get to work ... or get home.  mornings the songs are usually a gospel hymn ... this is the day that the Lord has made i will rejoice and be glad in it ...
afternoons are a little more abstract... years ago in California i had a much longer carpool commute, that had a 4 year old little girl riding with us for the trip home
it was years before i got all of those Disney songs out of my head except for one...
[Daisy on a bicycle built for two] .... and on my most stress-filled days i catch myself humming the scarecrow's song from Wizard of Oz ... if i only had a brain ...

for some reason that just doesn't even seem weird to me

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  1. Love that pheasant. Seeing a bear cub or a deer would have me smiling all day.
    Car trips can be a gift, with the right attitude...


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