Thursday, September 17, 2015

water bowl...

 fishing on tanlund lake.  you can see some of the trees have already started to show off their fall colors.  Trooper was so excited at finding such a HUGE water bowl.  he did his best to try to drink it dry.
 love the images in this old log.  reminds me of  Edvard Munch's [The Scream]
 tiny flowers that are just now in their season.  a little smaller than the face of a dime
i just can't get enough of old barns.  i would love to live in a renovated one ...
wish publisher's clearing house would hurry up with that winning check..


  1. Barn conversions are often stunning. The 'weather proofing' would always be a challenge, but they are very, very beautiful. Lots of light, lots of air...

  2. The log and tiny flowers say fairy garden to me.....beautiful.


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