Wednesday, September 9, 2015

cluster flies

there is a little known secret about the Upper Peninsula that if i had known it in advance, might have caused to me to hesitate on moving up here and probably would have saved some of my sanity ... at least tonight anyway.
it is the flies.  it can be 20° below zero and there will be a fly in the house. i am seriously wondering if they could be zombie flies.  they are fat and slow and just manage to get out of the way before you smash your hand (or book, chair, towel, hot pad, cookie sheet) down on them which only succeeds in scaring the dog and the husband and doesn't kill the freakin' fly.
Florida has its palmetto bugs, the UP has its flies.
today after watching a co-worker vacuum them up, his success at ridding his cube space of them inspired me.
unfortunately i was not as successful, i only managed to get tangled up in the cord and reduce David to tears of laughter with my vacuum dance while waving the hose in the air trying to catch them.

i can't wait for winter. there might still be a fly in the house, but it will be just one and not the zombie hoards of late summer.

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  1. Aaargh. Our cats chase them. Over tables, under chairs, up walls...


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