Wednesday, September 2, 2015


the black "thing" in the upper left corner is actually a raven ... and there i am with ravens again ...
have i blogged before about how much i love stained glass?
this piece was made by Barbara Knapp who sells some of her incredible creations at the Settler's Depot Gallery.  i've shared pictures of her beautiful earrings before... her stained glass creations were a prequel to the slumped and fused glass earrings and pendants.  she told me that at one time she knew a woman who made quilts, and she would make stained glass squares that matched the quilt panels.  i would love to see the stained glass quilt that she now has hanging in her house. i loved this piece so much i had to make it my own, and it is sitting in my kitchen window.  
she has another similar piece that is halloween themed for sale right now in the gallery.  it comes as a three piece ~ a matching quilted pillow and a matching stained glass votive candle holder.  i would love to get it, but just wouldn't ever use or display it.  i've stopped "doing" halloween, so no longer decorate for it.  halloween isn't what it used to be when i was of trick-or-treating age, and i sort of miss the innocence of that time ... when you didn't have to be afraid to trick-or-treat alone long after dark, and you didn't have to have your treats x-rayed for razors or needles.  when you could eat the marshmallow rice krispy treats that your neighbor made and you didn't have to worry that she laced it with ecstasy.  now, if i had children, i wouldn't let them go door-to-door like i did when i was a kid and i probably would sort and search their treats for anything hazardous.  and honestly, i think that kids these days really are shortchanged.  i climbed trees, drank water straight from the hose, rolled down hills, built hideouts in the shrubs, and lived without fear.


  1. Love stained glass. I would love to learn how to do it, but my shaky hands and heat sensitivity mean it won't be a happening thing.
    And yes to a carefree childhood. There were dangers, and dangerous people but there was a lot which was simpler and better. No social media for one.

  2. C - yes, it's not the same, but it didn't stop us from taking Katy around. When she was very little we took her to neighbors that we knew. When she got older we let her to go trick or treating door to door, but in neighborhoods we knew. And we checked candy. was still fun. She didn't know the difference, and we adapted. I think it boils down to how much fun we could have with her no matter the circumstances. Now it's just fun to help her plan a haunted house at the Halloween dance at school as a fundraiser for the drama club.

    I think you need to get back in the spirit of it, really! Pun definitely intended. :-) Halloween in a place that has a real fall would probably be just spectacular!


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