Tuesday, September 1, 2015

late summer

it is hot here.  low to mid 80's, which may not sound very hot to someone living in the Sahara Desert (they would probably consider that winter temps), but here where there are few air conditioners, it is miserable.  you can see the heat and humidity like a thick layer of air, sucking the life out of you and leaving you like a puddle on the floor.
(my my my aren't i coming up with some creative analogies today!)
so on the way home, i made an extra stop ...
yeah, you know you would have too...

but i saw a sign today that cooler days are coming ...
 i'm looking forward to it.  crisp clean air with a little snap pop in it, the smell of fireplaces getting warmed up, fresh apples right off the tree in the front yard, the husband screaming at FSU's quarterback for throwing an intercepted pass ... i think if i had to pick a season that was my favorite, i would have to say fall was it.  there is just so much happening ... holiday craft shows to attend, food glorious food (that was from a musical, wasn't it?  Oliver Twist?)

and these tiny flowers ... they just look like jazz hands and make me want to shout!  (ok, that was definitely an Animal House reference ... and when i went to find out who sang it first, it was a toss up between the Isley Brothers or the Temptations ... and i think that the one that is on my mind today is the [Temptations version.]  but i also like the [Tears for Fears version].
it's been that kind of a day ... a jazz hands day


  1. Yay for leaving the sweaty season behind...

  2. Agree! Oh, how I miss the fall, apple cider and powdered donuts, cornstalks and planning for Halloween. At this point I am looking forward to when 70 degrees is the high and not the low. :-)


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