Thursday, August 20, 2015

turn back Thursday

i am cheating a little for today's picture because i have spent most of the day in bed reading and hoping that i won't really have to spend the next few months nursing a very painful leg.   i will never be a good invalid.  even when i had my eye surgeries  i refused to let it keep me down for long.
this is one of my favorite pictures taken in Basel, Switzerland.  i love unique doors and all of the significance of their opening and closing.  we've had several doors close recently, and a serendipitous reminder that there will be others that will open. 
i hope they are as adventurous and exciting as this one was that long ago Christmas.


  1. Beautiful. Literally and metaphorically.

  2. Call me crazy, but in a way it reminds me of a hobbit's door.

    Wish you speedy recovery!


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