Friday, August 7, 2015

{these moments...}

it has been a busy, crazy week.  ups and downs. highs and lows.
 i found a new app for my phone (free!) that identifies plants from a picture you take (i am truly so excited about this one!)  it is called [LikeThat Garden], and here is the link for all their apps
 i finally got close enough to get some pictures of [sandhill cranes].  i've heard them a few streets over from where we live, and saw them flying overhead (and of course, i didn't get my camera up fast enough!)  earlier this week when we were out on the boat, there were some loons in the lake where we were at, and it was pretty funny to play the [loon call] ring tone on my phone and hear them echoing back.
 we looked at a house that we really (really really really REALLY) want to buy and so we are figuring out all the financing issues now, but these are some of the flowers THAT COME WITH THE HOUSE!  Can you just imagine?!?!?!  There are even lilac bushes already established!!!!

so here it is... friday night, we're grilling ribs and burgers, and i'm fixin' to kick David's behind in Yahtzee.

life is good.


  1. Good luck with the house.
    We used to play Yahtzee with household chores as the stake...


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