Friday, August 21, 2015

in 5 minutes: find

i find myself thinking about what life must have been like 100 years ago in this place.
travelers to a new world who have left everything familiar behind them in the hope of a new life.
freedom to worship as they pleased.
freedom to work as they desired.
freedom to be ... free.  a new life filled with hope.
i find myself thinking that i have more in common with them than some might think.
leaving florida was a leap in the dark, hoping that i would land somewhere on my feet and find myself again.
i'm getting there ... just gotta find that flashlight.
[Old Victoria Dam in Rockland]

it has been a while since i participated in a but i'm trying to write more gearing up for the 31 Days of October, and NaNoWriMo challenges and who knows what else.  and {warning, a shameless plug here} to get my books out in front of more people ... so this friday, i'm combining a two memes into one ... [365 Days of Photos with Amy at The Vomiting Chicken]


  1. Joining you as your FMF neighbor. Lovely words today. So glad I got to share in this space with you!

  2. Cindi, good luck with your new challenges! Sounds like a lot of good writing coming up!


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