Wednesday, August 12, 2015

365 photos ...

i was going to wait until the first day in September to start this challenge, but then decided that there is no time like the present to jump feet first into something new.
i'm joining with the vomiting chicken's [blog] for the 365 day photography challenge issued by her daughter, who blogs [here] at second breakfast.  then i thought i would wait until saturday and post a half week's pictures, but decided not to wait.  i had already been following Amy's lead with {this moment ...} and {this week ...} photos on fridays.

i may still wait until sunday to share the rest of the week's pictures, but just had to share these from this morning ... the sun had just come up and i rounded a corner and almost slammed on the brakes when i saw these three, and especially the fawn, snacking in a neighbor's yard
 i just love seeing the fawns with their spindly legs.  this little one kicked up its heels and ran in a few circles before i could get my camera ready.  it made me think of a young ballerina trying out new steps.

i'm looking forward to the next few blogging months ... 365 photo a day beginning NOW ... in October i'm going to take part in [31 days], hosted this year by [Crystal Stine].  then in November, i plan on taking part in [NaNoWriMo] and will be posting my word counts, character details, location thoughts, and building anticipation for my next book, Winter Bear.   December and January i want to focus on color since if it is anything like last year, i will probably be sick and tired of white snowy landscapes.  each week i will select a color and see how many different places and unusual things can find in that color.


  1. Oooh. Love the deer - and admire the challenges you have set for yourself.

  2. Lovely photos! How sweet of those deer to stand so still for you to capture these moments!


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