Sunday, August 30, 2015


 when i'm walking Trooper, i tend to look down and all around because those are the days when i go on "scavenger" hunts.  sometimes you find the most awesome things when you pay attention to what is on the ground and all around...
i like to think that these could be fairy wings.
 it should be no surprise to know that i'm a huge harry potter fan, and think that some of the things i've found and bottled would also be found on hermione's kitchen shelves.  jars with butterfly wings, a dragonfly, iridescent feathers from a hummingbird, a paper wasp nest the size of a golf ball, sand from various beaches, shells, bird nests and bits of egg shells from cardinals and robins.
 i've not seen this flower before and looking at the leaves on the brown stem just above, it looks like it could be of the succulent family (and it is... sedum spectabile ice plant)

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