Saturday, August 22, 2015


life is a balancing act
we try to balance work
and sometimes just who we are when we are alone

i've been doing a lot of balancing since i tore my hamstring
balancing on my "good" leg to bend and pick something up
balancing how i sit in a chair to put the least amount of pressure on the tear
(i wish at times we had those handicap hand bars in the bathroom)
it's a pain in the @$$ ~ literally and figuratively
i've been off work since the 17th, and my brain is on overdrive thinking of everything that will be waiting for me when i go back to work on monday
i'm dreading it and at the same time, need to get back to work because my books haven't yet been picked for a Lifetime movie of the week
sometimes we have to do things we don't want to because there are things we need
the scales tip between want and need

life is a balancing act

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  1. It is indeed. And most of us are more acrobatic than we realise.


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