Friday, July 24, 2015

treasure hunting ...

i got a treasure hunting bag the other day, because carrying a bit of a robin's egg, or a flower or feather will be so much easier and they won't get crushed in my pockets
i'm also going to have to get into the habit of taking my cell phone with me when we walk
every time i left it at home, there would be something i wanted to take a picture of.
the other day a young deer was prancing around in a neighbor's yard, and then decided to walk towards Trooper and me.  i'm not sure if it saw us right away or not, but when it did finally, it was perhaps five feet from Trooper.  he, of course, was overly excited to have the chance for a nose-to-nose meeting with one of the players in his favorite game of chase.  he had the leash stretched out as far as it would go, and his tail was wagging about 100 miles an hour.  the deer stopped and looked as if it was actually going to come closer when Trooper couldn't stand the anticipation
and he barked
the deer, naturally, took off running away from us, through our yard behind the apple tree down the driveway across the street and into the woods behind the neighbor's house
Trooper on the other hand, was dragging me around in a circle, wanting to chase the deer, and i was yelling 
stop! we don't chase the deer! why can't i ever remember my phone?!?!?
it reminded me of when i tried to play the video game doom once and my character got killed off every time by the monsters because all i could ever do was spin in circles, shooting all my ammo at nothing and screaming 
where are they where are they where are they
i guess you just had to be there
these were today's treasures

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  1. Love your treasures. And the ones you store in your memory banks.


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