Thursday, July 2, 2015

that place in between ...

... being awake and in a dream
makes the mind more willing
to sense what may be chilling
the place where we see, hear, or feel
what is no longer real ...

the other morning i was in that place in between.
David had gone to work at 2am and i was trying to get some sleep before i had to get up for work myself.  Trooper had been pacing the floor, and wouldn't come sleep beside me, so i had given up asking him and rolled over on my side.  i was drifting back to sleep, not quite there, when i felt someone jump onto the bed.  my first thought was that it was finally trooper, but then i realized that the footsteps were too small, and to my front where there was less room to walk.
i felt him stop where he normally would to wait for me to pull him under the covers, and could feel him kneading the covers before turning around and lying down.
then i was asleep.  comforted by knowing that he was there.
but still very aware when i woke up that he had been.


  1. So very comforting - and also confronting. We miss them so. Grateful that we had them, but...


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