Saturday, July 18, 2015

relaxed ...

i read a study recently that said listening to the sounds of nature for 20 minutes can relax you faster than most other forms of relaxation.  i don't know if that is true or not, but i know when i stretch out on the bow of the boat and listen to the wind in the trees, birds, and let the rocking of the boat carry me away to nap land ... i'm convinced.
 we started our day at Lac Vieux Desert Lake (4,017 acres of water surface), but it was really windy and hard to fish, so we went to another nearby lake
this is at the boat landing at Dinner Lake, which we thought at first was going to be a lot smaller than it turned out to be
 once we got out on it, we realized that it was really a nice sized lake (110 acres of surface water) that was shielded from the wind pretty well
 there were houses around the lake, and someone sailing a small boat today
 also a family of loons, these are the parents, my pictures of the fluffy brown chicks didn't come out well because water got on my phone camera.
this is one of the coves were we stopped to fish.

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  1. Bliss.
    A day to make memories to hug to yourself on dark days and darker nights.


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