Sunday, June 7, 2015

sunday ...

i've joined a {cooperative} (no, not a cult) 
... a group of local artists who display and sell their crafts
 there is so much creative energy here 
 and talk about creative upcycling!  these incredibly durable shopping bags (and also the aprons and shower curtains they have available!) are made from recycled pet food bags and bird seed bags!  (and i love the idea of the shower curtain! what a great idea for a fishing camp or camper!)
 these (below) are crocheted and beaded necklaces (love love love!)
fused glass earrings and pendants (i'm an addict!)
 a necklace from a guitar string?!?! LOVE!
 this i may have to get ... an oil lamp made from local stone ... beautiful!
 and this ... my little display of cards, postcards, earrings, book thongs, bracelets, dream catcher, and art.


  1. Awesome! Missed your posts, love the cooperative! What a wonderful find.

  2. LOVE and lust after the earrings. So very happy you are finding some kindred spirits.


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